Refinished furniture, custom furniture, or painted furniture is a work of art at Bogus Jim Studio. However, most houses need a bit of extra art around in order to make it a home. Here are some of our art pieces you can use at home or wherever makes sense to you.

  • hand painted buffalo on skull
    Buffalo Skull
  • Painted Wagon
    Santa on Reclaimed Wagon
  • Canvas Wall Hand Painted fall forest canvas mural
    Painted Fall Canvas Mural
  • Hand Painted fall tree framed picture
    Fall Aspen Trees Painting
  • log candle holder
    Sunflower & Butterfly Candle Holder
  • Horse on Log Slab
  • hand painted ram on log
    Big Horn Sheep on Wood Slab
  • Fox Family on Wood Slab
  • Wood Fairy Drawing
  • Windmill on Wood Slab
  • hand painted eagle on log
    Eagle on Wood Slab
  • Hand Painted antelope on skull
    Antelope Scull with Drawing
  • Hand Painted mountain lion on skull
    Cougar Scull with Drawing
  • Hand Painted deer on skull
    Deer Scull with Drawing
  • Hand Painted Trees on Wood
    Aspen Tree on Barnwood
  • Castle Wall Bedroom Mural
    Castle Window Mural
  • High School Eagle Mural
    Eagle Mural for North Junior High Gym
  • Hand Painted Eagle On Log
    Flying Eagle on Pine Slab
  • Custom Painted Tree on Antique Door
    Out House Door
  • Custom Painted Tree on Log
    Pine Tree On Pine Slab
  • Custom Painted Raccoon on Log
    Raccoon on Pine Slab
  • Custom Painted Wood Sign
    Rustic Angel Masonite Mural
  • Custom Painted Guitar
    Star Burst Hand Painted Guitar
  • Custom Painted Tree On Wood
    Spruce Tree on Pine Slab
  • Sunset Tree Painting
  • Custom Painted Bedroom Sign
    Twinkle Twinkle Sign
  • Hand Painted Flowers on Wood
    Wild flowers on Box Elder Wood
  • Custom Painted Wood Door
    Aspen Tree Snow Door
  • Custom Painted Antique Logging Saw
    Painted Two Man Saw
  • Hand Painted castle on wood
    Castle drawing on Box Elder Wood
  • Hand Painted bobcat on log
    Bobcat on Wood Slab
  • Hand Painted elk on log
    Elk drawing on Box Elder Wood
  • Hand Painted Black Hills Rocks
    Black Hills River Rock
  • hand painted aspen tree on wood
    Twisted Aspen on Barnwood
  • hand painted aspen trees on wood
    Aspen Grove on Barnwod
  • custom painting
    Fishpond Floorcloth
  • Refinished Wood Furniture
    Captains Compass Floorcloth
  • hand painted angel on wood
    Angel on Pine Slab
  • hand painted angel on wood
    Angel 2 on Pine Slab
  • Custom painted wolf on wood
    Custom Wolf on Pine Slab
  • Hand painted tree on cast iron pan
    Tree on Skillet
  • Bed and Breakfast Mural
    Custom Bed and Breakfast Wall Hanging
  • buffalo painting
    Buffalo Stamped Painting
  • Never Land Painting
    Neverland Map Wall Hanging
  • Custom Horse Art