Painted Furniture

Sometimes you need a drastic change, more so, than what refinished furniture can do for you home.  With our furniture painting we can make you feel like you woke up on the beach to a beautiful sunrise or relaxing at your own mountain getaway. Children might enjoy playing in a room full of nursery rhyme themes or escaping with Peter Pan to Neverland.

At Bogus Jim Road Studio the possibilities are endless!

  • Furniture Art
    Bear and Moose Footstools
  • White Flower Dresser
  • Handpainted Sunflower Adrionic Chair
  • Grape Bench and Canvas Mural
  • Handpainted Pheasant Log Headboard
  • Hey Diddle Diddle Toy Box
  • Kids Handpainted Rocking Chairs
  • Purple Heart Kids Table Set with Floorcloth and Coasters
  • Lighthouse Dresser
  • Rustic Log and Leather Room Divider
  • Butterfly Drysink
  • Green Daisy Double Bench
  • Dragon Pine Dresser
  • Amber's Cedar Chest
  • Cute Baby Stool
  • Custom Coke Dry Bar
  • Mountain Scene Armoire
  • Rooster Corner Cabinet
  • Blue Rose Headboard
  • Wolf Club Entry Table
  • Graphic Star and Moon Table Set
  • Red Kids Toybox and Table Set