after refinished podium
Big Bend Presbyterian Church
Complete refinishing project of church
I have only known Rene Ivers a few years, but I was immediately impressed with her artistic ability not only on refurbishing furniture but her artwork and the different ways she can display that artwork whether wood or cast iron skillets or canvas it is brilliant. In my personal opinion her greatest accolade was the way she restored Big Ben Presbyterian Church she refinished Pew by pew and the pulpit and she did an impressive job our church looks absolutely gorgeous I would recommend Rene for any project and I'm not just saying that because I'm her friend. If you would like to see pictures let us know.

Her process each Pew was disassembled, each part gets carefully sanded, gouges removed, and then she would proceed with staining and varnishing and sealing, after they had ample time to dry it took a team of three people to reassemble the pews before they could be taken to the church and then two more went over and this process was a year-long project